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SilverFire Scout Stove
SilverFire Scout Stove
  • Model: SilverFire Scout
  • Manufactured by: SilverFire

Price:   $99.95
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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo da Vinci

The SilverFire Scout is a lightweight wood fired gasifier stove that is perfect for the adventure rider to take along on wilderness treks. A few small twigs and a match are all that is required to boil 3 cups of water in 2-minutes. Water for coffee, soup or simply to purify stream water. Adventure rider, you're already sitting on 4+ gallons of explosive gasoline, why store a can of butane as a detonator?

The Silverfire Scout is safe and easy to use. Simplicity is a prerequisite to reliability. Out on a wilderness ride you need to be able to be self sufficent. In our experience, the further one is from "civilization" the greater the chances of a breakdown. It's a natural law, like the only area of a windscreen that smeers in the rain is the one in your line of vision. Small and compact, the Silverfire Scout is not only a convenience but in some circumstances could be a life saver.

The Silverstone Scout packs together like Russian nesting dolls, each element fitting into the next to provide a compact package that is only 3-1/4" high by 5-3/4" dia. What if I don't carry a lighter or matches? Not to worry, the Scout comes with a flint starter and for those who choose a more formal dining arrangement, the kit includes a stainless steel spoon and fork.

The Scout can be assembled for use in under 30-seconds, repacking it is akin to taking a visual-spatial I.Q. test that we failed on the 1st attempt but aced on the second. We were impressed with the quality of the unit. It is manufactured using thick, stainless steel, i.e. to bend or misshape it would take some effort. This is a miniature stove that is built to last for generations of adventure riders. The KISS principle applied in its design, "keep it simple stupid." As such, there are no moving parts, no gas cylinders, no rickety tripods, hoses or valves to break. Just toss in some twigs, a spark and then kick back with some hot cocoa and watch your own personal sunset.

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