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2013 HONDA NC700

NC 700X
NC 700X
  • Model: Honda NC 700X
  • Manufactured by: Honda

Price:   $5,495.00
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Mileage: 4,214


- Lowering Kit
- GV Brackets
- After Market Windshield

Welcome to the brave new world.
"New" because the motorcycle you see here, Honda's innovative NC700X, is a distinct, almost 180-degree change in direction from where motorcycles have been heading for many years. And "brave" because Honda rolled the dice with this machine, gambling that there are legions of current, past and would-be riders out there who want practicality, efficiency and affordability much more than they crave 190 horsepower, 9-second quarter-miles and five-digit price tags.

Honda's goals with the NC700X were simple in concept but difficult in execution. It wanted to target new and re-entry buyers with an affordable but fun machine that was extremely easy to ride and delivered exceptional fuel efficiency. These same qualities would also make the bike attractive as a commuter for established riders.

Obviously, this required thinking about the motorcycle in a different way, as well as application of newer technologies (some not normally used in two-wheelers) and rigorous adherence to controlling production costs. This uncommon approach is reflected in the bike’s model designation: "NC" stands for "New Concept."

So, is the resultant motorcycle glamorous? Not really. Wicked fast? Nope. An adventure bike, as implied by its styling? Maybe, but only if your adventures are not too, you know, adventurous. But is it fun to ride? Absolutely. The NC is atypical, particularly in the character of its liquid-cooled, 670cc parallel-Twin engine. But then 78mpg ain't half bad.

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