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2018 Zero SR

2018 SR (with Charge Tank)
2018 SR (with Charge Tank)
  • Model: SR (with Charge Tank)
  • Manufactured by: Zero

Price:   $16,279.00
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Maximum torque, performance and range.

Upgrade to Zero's fiercest power plant, the Zero SR is quick enough to out-accelerate a Porsche 911. It produces 116 ft-lb of torque and can run at higher sustained top speeds using an enhanced motor and higher amperage motor controller.

Zero Motorcycles designs and builds the most technologically advanced electric motorcycles on the planet at its California headquarters. Zero continues to lead the industry in electric motorcycle innovation with its 2018 model line by delivering up to 6x faster charging and 10% more range with the ZF7.2 and ZF14.4 power packs.

Travel to even more distant locales on your Zero with the ZF7.2 and ZF14.4 power packs, all thanks to new chemistry. That's right - improved battery chemistry delivers higher capacity to the already ingenious and compact Z-Force power pack. It's the highest power and energy density battery in today's transportation industry and for its size takes you farther than any other electric vehicle on the planet.

Zero continuously improves firmware to deliver maximum power-train performance and enhance the ownership experience. Now owners can easily realize the benefits of these advancements by updating their firmware via the latest Zero Motorcycles mobile app.

All motorcycles with the compact and lighter weight ZF7.2 power pack offer 11% more rear wheel torque to slingshot ahead of cars and fellow motorcyclists. New gearing and a higher maximum motor rpm deliver the improved performance without any reductions in top speed.

In addition, Zero fine tuned the power-trains of the ZF13.0 Zero S and Zero DS to deliver up to 30% more power and torque to amp up acceleration at highway speeds.

Electric motorcycles offer distinct advantages that conventional gas-powered bikes simply can't match. Thanks to the unique characteristics of battery-powered propulsion, Zero motorcycles offer an especially intoxicating riding experience. Massive torque delivers a gratifying rush of acceleration, while the absence of noise, heat and vibration heightens the sensation of speed and smoothness. The ride experience is seamless and thrilling, connecting you to your surroundings in a way you didn't know was possible.

Owning a Zero is easier than you might think. With no oil to change, no fluids to leak, and no routine maintenance needed; service items like valve adjustments, spark plug replacement, and installing new filters simply become a thing of the past. The battery is designed to last the life of the bike, leaving you with more time and energy to do what you love: ride.

Electric motorcycles are also surprisingly economical, with a total cost of ownership that's far lower than equivalent internal combustion models. Considering the reduced maintenance and electricity costs of about a penny per mile, the advantages of a Zero multiply the more you ride.

Range (mi): 179 city / 90 highway

Note: Add $175 for tax and DMV.

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