2000 LT1200
2000 LT1200
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Triumph Cycle Parts has a staff of experienced, certified motorcycle mechanics. From oil changes to complete engine overhauls we service all makes and models of motorcycles and scooters. Call us today at: 541-343-8949


Below is a schedule for regular motorcycle maintenance. Follow these suggested maintenance updates and your bike will keep running for a long time. This motorcycle maintenance schedule is built to be generic. Your bike might have some maintenance needs that aren't covered by our motorcycle maintenance schedule. Use this as a guide to help you get the most life out of your motorcycle and always refer to your owners manual's maintenance schedule for any specific maintenance items you may require.

Item Service
Oil Change Every 3,000 miles petroleum, 6,000 synthetic
Air Cleaner Element Replace every 12,000 miles
Engine Oil Strainer Screen Clean strainer at the time of replacing oil, except 2nd service
Engine Oil Filter Replace every oil change
Valve Clearance Model Specific
Spark Plug Model Specific
Battery Every service check the electrolyte level and top up with distilled water
Idle speed and CO Testing Check the RPM and CO and adjust if necessary
Drive Chain Inspect, lubricate and adjust chain if required at every service
Tires/Wheels Check for wheel bend and tire wear/cut
Steering play & race bearing kit Check for any looseness and adjust if required
Front Fork Oil Replace approximately every 24,000 miles
All fasteners including engine mounting & chassis bolts Check for any looseness at every service
Wheel bearings Sealed Bearings checked every service
Control cables (throttle, clutch, brakes) Inspect and adjust the play
Side stand / main stand Lubricate every service
Headlight focus Check and adjust H/L focus if required
Fuel Hose Inspect and service every 4 years
Rear suspension Check operation oil leakage and replace if necessary
Brake Fluid Inspect for leakage. Replace every 2 years
Brake Pads Inspect for wear. Replace if necessary
Brake Hose Check for leaks or cracks every service

Triumph Cycle Parts mechanics will ensure your motorcycle is at peak performance and safety. Always use certified mechanics for any repairs to your bike. Good enough isn't, when only the best will do!

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